Tuesday, 9 May 2017


I did try to tell the kids to hand in their weopens , its mostly gang related but the stabbing , was over cheating black girl , when there is unusual activity in the streets at 3.00am in the morning the police should have been more aware .
kids are going into collegues with knives strapped to their stomaches , when found by security at the door to be strapped with knives , they only need to explain that they think there might be fights or he feels at risk security men at the door will turn a blind eye .

It could have been more stabbings but when there is an usual level of activity on the streets at 3.00am in the morning the police should have been more cautious, as every life matters .

its children faced with limited opportunity, investing in too much in relationships at such young age, when the relations are not even secure and the kids have the rest of their lives ahead if them, dont go out late at night and focus on your own future & dont invest so much in such an insecure relationship at such young ages .

pokice should be doing more spot checks in streets & especially in schools .

I was toi tired too take off my cosmetics & was half asleep , I kept thinking I will get up any minute now & use my cleanser , so you could sat I was semi asleep , but I could hear thete was an unusual amount of people in the street at that time of the morning .

its always gang related because these kids are idolising the gangs, dont waste your life over these people that are making much money from you , my skin wasnt glowing as a result , & its related to inner city london problems as usual ,

its disgusting how people try to make everything about themselves.

hows that for talking , dont waste your life . teenager killed in walthamstow stabbing

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