Friday, 12 May 2017



Practical , durable & lockable ehat more does the lady of today need , made of animal skin it may not be to eveyones taste but its large enough to fit the notebook , tablet but not the heavy laptop with compartments for the samsung phone the female wallet & other compact accessories us ladues have become accostomed to .

We may not always need to be , working on the go these days , established or not , but modern day lufe does tequire us to keep in touch with the current world & continuously changing world & environment in which we life in .

I wear fashion & don't study it , its tge fun side of my life & don't want to be restricted to decisions based on cutrent trends & what tabloids say you should wear , its also not what I see as someone I want exhibited as others do .

I really do think these colour combinations of these burberry bags are exquisite , as we hush away our purchases or designer bags these colour combinations certainly help to add variety to the colour combinations of garments we put together at moments notices .

You only need to look at these wonderful combination of bags to be completely refreshed by these designs, hilighted ny the luminous green backdrop here .

If I was looking for a replacement to the current brown bag then I would opt for this .

With summer & with so many patel option & combinations it seems such shame to kiss out on the patel colours to match with bright & light clothes  & hijab . If you are looking for space for your prayer mat, its there too .

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