Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Until it was achieved it couldnt be done

Evrerything you know you dont know V everything you dont know about that you dont know, you dont know.

Monday, 20 June 2016



Very useful utube from sister Yasmin mogahed



What better way to complete these posts then with IN-POST.

Its nog a new option but, IN-POST lockers are making it easier to send and receive parcels.

Summer Fun day for Eid

Come and celebrate

We wish we could be doing umrah or making preparations for hujj right now.

Inshalkah when allah wills, in the meantime we try to accumate as much reward from allah as possible.

Its an event not to be missed from activities such as bouncy castles, pont rides to puppet shows and calligraphy.

I really have tried my best to make it healthy ramadan this year, omitted anythjng fried and kept chicken soup as one of my staples and mini courgettes ceches shown here.

Raise that tea cup and saucer to falooda, I almost screamed for joy.

What better way to end the day then with LADIES LOVE MUSKAN COLLECTION.

But ladies adore the glimse of 2017 COLLECTION of www.finestrapublicrelations.com/boutique.

Monday, 13 June 2016



If you are looking for or thinking about exercising at a gym, try to find a women's only gym if you are a woman and a mixed session at a gym may not be too much of a concern for you if you are male.

Female only gyms are rare to find becoming more and more availible as time passes us, and there are women only sessions available at mixed gyms too. So do research into these if you wish to make the choice of joining a gym.

more to come.


Its really easy for you to copy my style, in fact to duplicate my style which I have been perfecting from childhood.


If you exercise sensibly and eat sensible there is no real struggle and your health and agility will come naturally with Sports direct.

Its not difficult to make the time to keep fit, early mornings or late evenings after work may seem ideal too fit in and around a busy lifestyle, whereas if between jobs that gives you all the time in the day to exercise.

Its probably going to be one of my last few posts, working out is really part of your daily lifestyle as is healthy eating, with many regulars exercising daily in parks.

You dont need new clothes for every daily workout, just throw on any sweats and start your new healthy plan.

With so many offers at the moment you are sure to pickup some bargains.

I have even put some knee exercises here for you if your knee hurts.

please excuse the tea stains.

more to come

Sunday, 12 June 2016






With the promise of the birkini I couldnt find one anywhere today, it maybe only oxford street which stock this complete swimwear range at the moment but I was certainly dissapointed not to have been able to enjoy the convenience of having been able to simply just walk into department store called m&s and to have picked up my birkini. Is this when we are directed back to the online shopping store where the birkini was first introduced over a decade ago at www.modanisa.com www.en.mondinisa.com



If you are looking for that long lasting, refreshing , sweet , fragrance for eid then layer up with these strawberry toiletries.

I have been mixing my own combination of fragrances for years, which comes from particular fragranced showers, topped with perfumed oils, creams and completed with non alcoholic perfumes.

If you want to stick with strawberry then body shop has all the range.

Stationary inspired

Stationary inspired.



Is it all due to being over worked in london.

I wish I could say I live for the moment, have not a care in the world anc have no morals or values but if the truth be known that just cant be said and I do care what happens to the environment and am concerned I will be questioned on judgement day.

What is less of concern right now is the abandoned baskets, but more so the pesky cookies.

The abandoned carts I can help you with, but how can we turn off these cookies for good.

We are led to be believe that they are there to make our shopping experience a lot better but I am yet to be convinced. I plan to spend a lot longer on this but for the moment if you want to know how to reduce thoseabandoned baskets and how to make the abandoned basket work for you .

What are cookies and other technologies.

more to come.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Ramadan healthy eating, mashrooms, radish and ubergine with picknic in the park with the family

I dont just eat mushrooms, I like radish and ubergines too, with picnic in the park with the family.

Picknic hampers www.BHS/PICKNICHAMPERS.com

I am going to share with you some of my healthy recipes during ramadan.

Coming soon.

For ladies, for your special week off from fasting stickup o  yoyr iron reserves ladies, with spinach and other high in iron content foods.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


It may seem upsetting when someone tries you chat you up in the corridor or gives you the wrong directions when you need to be somewhere quickly, but I bet this is something you have never heard of before.

Its the macmilian representative, not to be confused with the one that is currently working but the one that was working before.

Its never been more important then now, to trust your own gut instincts.

You see, at first I wasnt really sure, all my suspicious were on high alert, it seems completely unacceptabe and out of the norm, behaviour which couldn't be explined by mere coincidences any longer.

Every time I was to start a conversation with someone there she was, just happened to very urgently need to speak to the very person I was talking to, every time and ofcourse at any time I was around.

I presumed maybe these patients were incredibly sick and maybe in need of immediate macmilan www.macmilian.com assistance.

I like to speak to the patients and get first hand knowledge of how treatments and medications have affected prople, its always better than text book information and trying to sieve through the jungle of information ot there.

It was until she had left, the black representative from macmilian, alice or abbey she was called, I forget which. It wasnt until she was replaced by an asian woman who told me that they were just reps from macmilian trying to see if anyone needed any help.

It was only then that I realised that this previos woman working for macmilan  had deliberately disrupted my every conversation and as I have spoken to macmilan in the past and found them to be so helpful it couldnt possibly be macmilian that could have put her upto this.

Friday, 3 June 2016



Designer dresses for little girls too, is all about how we love to dress our little girls in what we love to love to wear too.

We love to wear designer outfits for ourself's but dont forget the children you may remember acakessboxcompany.com.

It was another aspect of the business which specialises in dresses fir little girls, although we are looking into expanding the range for teenagers it still remains something to look forward to at a later date.

Colours are fun, colorful and vibrant, just the way little girls like it. 

On the way is something to look forward to with more seasonal dresses.

I am sure your daughter, niece, sister will love these cool cotton dresses.

We have been fortune enough to have seen some beautiful fsbrics and designs for adults as I am sure you will agree.


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