Tuesday, 3 November 2015



Wear your new winter collection.
I have just stuck to bottled water for the dinner party but feel free to add fruit juices  I am avoiding fizzy drinks.

Chopped carrots, cucumber or celery can be left on the table as you await the arrival of you dinner guests as they gather.

Prawn  with linguine egg pasta, is the starter. Cooked with prawns, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomato sauce.

Butternut squash cous cous with apricots, sultanas, walnuts, passion fruit and dressing.

Its just about enough time for the fish to cook in the oven whilst the guestseat the starter.

smoked skinless and boneless basa fillets with a herb butter, is the main, with

mixed leaf salad with pasta and optional prawns.

mixed leaf salad with pasta and optional prawns

toffee sundae

desserts for special occasions. 

zero fat yogurt an optional dessert with zero fat and very low calories.

smoked skinless and boneless basa fillets with a herb butter, is the main.

Served with late night coffee.

most appreciated roses from guests.



When looking for that perfect handbag, it was about style and fabric and colour to match outfits, but now we are looking for if it can hold the tablet, the laptop and the mobile phone...
but then not if you were an i.t consultant then, as always looking for the same thing ...

samsung watch when it wasnt even possible to get the time of day, now we want so much more from our watches.

I am so bored of your antics, cant take another year like this....

more to come soon


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