Monday, 17 August 2015



It was so hot inside so after opening the window and getting rather fedup of the noise from the traffic outside, having decided to go to costa and enjoy the air conditioning, it had turned to 7.50 pm by the time I sat with my latte and it was already time to leave.

With 1 in 3 predicted to be diagnosed and develop breast cancer, it was not surprising when I came across a girl whom had attempted to lose the weight she was putting on as a result of the cancer treatment which consisted of steroids which was amusing her to gain weight, then found herself in intensive care as a result of her weight loss tactics.

It may feel like the devil is after you, as a result of the actions of others, everyone staring, watching your every move and listening to your every word. Judging your every move with their own low standards and expectations. For future reference where it may be acceptable to buy a house or a flat for a fashion chick, hooker, or stripper, this may not be acceptable for the muslim and the muslim may question  and very well should question that finances have come from legitimate means, without hurting or corrupting anyone.

I thought I would catch up with you in LA, by the time I got back to london I wanted to see if he was willing to make an effort ? willing to make a change ? and one has to be careful whom one is seen speaking to, after  which trying to understand what was going on having realised and always known materialistic items hold little value. the situation was so much worse than first expected, deteriorated further, whilst accumulating more and more baggage.

Its pretty much a scrap book style and with more time and energy on my hands, join us on our new site which is different.

reluctant to use templates which everyone elsa is using we will see what shape it takes.

Umma , umma , umaa, how will the umma show its face on judgement day knowing that other brother and sisters were suffering in palestine and other parts of the world, How would the umma show its face knowing it had used marketing and ect to achieve  financial gain when muslim brothers and sisters were suffering around the world.

It was so soon as day turned to night,and if its not just a no.1 you were after we can talk.

Even if you havent seen the face of death, even if you didnt think you woud die within the next couple of years, live each day as if it were your last, read dua when you sleep incase you dont wake up the next day and doing all those things you had on hold all your life, Never again to sacrifice yourself for another's dreams and life and to do and be the best that you can be.

It was so amazing, it was exactly as the quran had described, the people will say they are believers when they are not, if you were ever in doubt or unsure of  as to whether what was written in the quran was true or not then, the facts of the events of which took place in palestine which are mentioned in the quran should have come true , should be enough to deter any dobts you may have had and if you are not fearful of your wrong doing then, if you still think ignorance is bliss, carry on.

If you ever wanted allah to show you a sign in your life time to show you that the quran was the truth, if it was shown to you in the events of what took place in palestine and that you were grateful to have had your imans confirmed and grateful that allah had shown you the truth of the quran, maybe then like me you may be reluctant to do haram and grateful that in your life time you had seen a sign and the you were more knowledgeable that the world was moving towards judgement day and grateful that in your lifetime you had seen a sign.

It was just like it says in the children's books,when islam was first introduced to the people, the khafars said lets steal the muslim's things.




Of course personal reasons may be the most important reason for your decision to work from home.
This may come from the result of your desire to work near the beach, fear of heights, your social shyness, wish to utilise the home to its maximum potential or because you are unwell and should not be working at all but decided to do something with your spare time and to use it constructively and for the benefit of others. Your choice of working from home may or maynot be associated with any kind of financial gain or even have financial gain as the most important objective and therefore would be considered a hobble. but if you deliberately kept your home business small in order not over stress yourself whilst unwell , hoping to expand when you felt better than be assured that negative and ignorant comments from others will go unheard and you will not be affected by them.




Here is one opinion, I would not agree with everypoint, let me know what you think but its one point of view.

Why Working From Home is Better Than Working 

from an Office


1. Spend more time with your pets

Working from home means you can spend more time with your puppies and kitty cats! It’s proven that being around loving animals reduces your stress level overall and keeps those lonely feelings away.

2. Feel like your own boss

Working from home gives you a sense of freedom and, while you might still be technically working for someone else, it makes you feel as if you are in control and are your own boss.

3. The comfort of your own home

Your home is the most comfortable place there is. Being able to work from such a comfortable place can be awesome but it does come with it’s own set of risks. Sometimes blending your workspace with your personal space can cause problems for some people. 
To help curb this it can be good to draw a line by working in a separate room in your house which you don’t spend much of your personal time in. It’s also good to get out of the house in the evenings. This helps break up the monotony of working / playing in the same space.
If you mind the risks and precautions, the benefits can definitely outweigh the costs here.

4. Peace and quiet when you need it

When you’re working in a crowded office, it’s sometimes impossible to escape all of the chatter and background noise. Personally, when I’m getting into the zone with some design or code, background noise can be a huge distraction. When I’m working at my place I have the ability to pause my music, sit in silence and concentrate when I need to.

5. Never feel like the boss is looking over your shoulder

When you are free to hop on Facebook and Twitter as much as you want without the fear of being caught by a micromanaging boss, you’ll find that you do it drastically less. This actually leads to a more relaxed work environment where you spend less time goofing around and trying to hide it and more time getting stuff done.

6. Working from home actually makes you more social

Because you spend most of your personal and work time in the same place, remote workers often feel the urge to go out and be social in the evenings. While most people fear seclusion when working from home, it can actually lead to a more fruitful social life!

7. Complete control over your setup

I’m a designer and my home computer / desk are set up just the way I like them. When you’re sharing an office with other people, sometimes the lack of space and equipment can keep you from having the setup you want. Working from home ensures that you are working with a setup that makes you most productive.

8. Wake up later, start earlier

Remote workers don’t have to worry about spending an hour commuting to work. This means they can wake up later and get to work earlier. This also leads to less cars on the road, which is always a good thing.

9. Listen to your tunes as loud as you want

When you’re in the zone and a great tune comes on, sometimes you just want to crank it as loud as you can. In a crowded office this isn’t usually possibly. At home, however, you are free to crank the tunes as loud as you want!

10. Less stress

The erks of working from home reduce your stress level, make you a happier person, and help you to get more stuff done overall. 
Don’t get me wrong, offices can be great in their own way. But the benefits of working from home or working remotely greatly outweigh the benefits of having a physical office in my opinion. Besides, working remotely is becoming much more popular and, in the future, will likely be more practical than working together in a physical location.

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