Friday, 19 December 2014



I thought to myself what coould be easier than doing a fashion blog, but then when I started I realised another numerous facotors which were also involved. I just coudnt do a fashion blog without it being ethically correct

Its going to be a long article which I will update on a regular basis

Primark and aldi, ecconomical stores to shop at, primark has been reported to have been involved in some accidents with staff with the collapse o the building, but the staff were compensated and it was claimed not to have been primark's problem but problems with the building which was leased.
do not feel embarassed by shopping at these places because they are not as expensive as othe stores and remember that you are helping a bigger cause.

Just think of all the money you will be able to invest with the savings you make.

bosy shop was the first of the retails outfits which I as aware of on a comercial bisis which impemented a fair tradidng policy, unfortunately they then went to affliate with israel and I have since stopped using their products.

arami is another one, a clothing designer brand which is also affliated with israel and I no longer shop from them

Monday, 1 December 2014


Its what sundays were made for relaxing. Its been much too cold to venture out in the freezing weather for christmas gifts, especially if you dont celebrate christmas.

Create a feeling of warmth and ambvience with candles and vanila fragrance,  aroma of the fragrance raises stronger placed next to candles.

Some snacks to enjoy whilst enjoying some me time at home.

Friday, 14 November 2014



I did promise that I would take some time out to blog about this VIP.

Upon first seeing this setup I thought at last custom blend makeup had come to town and life would be made a lot easier for a lot of people.

but then as I approached closer and saw the colourful menus on the wall, fruit milkshakes and fruit juices, freshly squeezed ofcourse I thought. I was told it is infact e-cigarettes.
I was taken to the seating arrangement; the lounge area at the back of the shop and given some flavours to try. if you are not a smoker as myself you can try the fruit flavours which are free from nicotine.

flavours 3 and 5 have been concatenated from a collection of flavours and I am told the customer can mix any combination of flavours he or she wishes to. 
its a fantastic idea especially for those people that are trying to quit smoking and have found it difficult to quit with the current aids that are available on the market. 3 different levels of nicotine are available if you are trying to gradually reduce your level of nicotine intake.  so you would start with the flavours with the highest level of nicotine depending on the brand of cigarette that you inhale and its nicotine content and then reduce the level of nicotine in the flavoured vapour of you choice in the e-cigarettes.

Incredibly friendly and helpful a team, which I had the pleasure of speaking to and enjoyed experimenting fruit flavours with and trying the different flavours.

If you are still looking for gifts then this gift set would be ideal for someone looking to stop smoking. I myself am not a smoker, would just be looking for relaxing pleasure trying these e-cigarettes and with the added assurance that they have no associated health risks with just glycerine and vapours then what better way to take some time out.

If you are trying to quit smoking then do pay these guys a visit in westfield shopping centre and relax in the lounge at the back and get all the information needed to start the new year in the uk with your new years resolution to stop smoking with these stylish e-ciggs.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Cars for the occassion

Cars for the occassion

Its nice not to forget the car for the occassion. The car can really make the occassion, enabling arrival of the couple to the occassion and elegant departure.

#The national wedding exhibition.

It was a really busy day, didnt get a chance to sit down, not even for a minute to have a coffee and a croissant.


Wedding dresses may not be everyone's preference as tge bridal outfit for the day but for those of you that it is, here are a few of the latest designs.

wedding shoes

Wedding shoes,
One can never be over dressessed or under dressed with wedding shoes. You may choose to wear shoes which are as extravagant as the wedding dress, or simply complement the dress with simple elegance.


Broach bouquets

If you are used to the traditional flower bouquets this broach bouquet may come as a surprise but a novel idea, none the less.

wedding cakes

Wedding cakes

beautiful head pieces

Beautiful head pieces.

head pieces with complementary jewellery

Head pieces with complementary jewellery.

wedding day/registration ideas


Sunday, 21 September 2014

SO, its about that time, getting ready for schooling

Gettting ready for school, a new bag and stationary

Secondary and primary schools have already started a week ago but universities start next week once this freshers week has completed. Its sometimes thought that freshers weeks are a waste of time, but it really is a good idea to make the most of this week and familiarise yourself with the educational establishment,  the library student union and health and safety standards.

Here is a sweet couple of bits of stationary I picked up from the pound shop, the rest of the stationary is from other places but consists of pens, pencils, diaries for the new academic year and note books, binders, file papers and binder seperaters, erasers, pencil sharpners, colored pencils and crayons if you so wish to brighten up the school work but also some handy hi-lighters. You can also keep some tipex in your collection of stationery, but its doubtful you should ever need to use this. 

Compurters, electronic notepads and tablets are being allowed into schools but do form an integral part of university life, heres to the start of a new academic year although some of us would have been studying all year round with textual resorses or on-line courses.

Surely and of couse not to forget remove the emergency numbers on the door
to a things to do list. You of course still need to keep some emergency numbers list if you have small children.


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