Tuesday, 27 June 2017



Its that time of the year again , fasting has come to an end & eid celebrations comenced.

I wonder who enjoyed the celebrations the most , our little guests .

Or was it those that didn't miss one single fast .

people are so busy trying to damage one another that they don't realise the greater damage
they are doing themselves & oneanother .

With the fasting period comes not only , self reflection & purification of oneself , but also control of bad virtues .

If people were less destructive to begin with there woukdn't be the need for calming .

Following the heavy feeding  & eid celebration dinners , is the time to return to healthy eating.

If Just stealing information from emails & constantly stalking , was never the way ti conduct business .

I really din't know what this world has come to .

What elsa do they have to offer , other than attempts to cover their own mistakes .

if you want the products that you love to stay then buy them , untill they are gone .

Saturday, 24 June 2017



With internet sales ,the products are introduced one at a time to allow the consumer to make linked sales & on going purchases .

Update look with jewellery for business dinner .

With all gadjets

1. don't be late
2. arrive early
3. make sure all gadgets are charged , especially if you are doing demonstrations .
4. Quality stationary .
5. if its celebrity endorcements , then best to use a polariod .




If like me you left your eid outfit to the last minute , you are probably wondering where you should get this from.

your decision may be dependent on the fact you always like to wear elaborate clothes , or you may feel you wish your eid outfit to be more casual because maybe you are not having too many guests over for eid this year .

if you decide to go out to dinner , you may decide that you want your eid garments  to be maybe more westernised , but if you are going to more of the traditional restuarant , then maybe you feel comfortable  in very tradational garments .

photographs are to be updated .

If you are off to www .harrods.com for your eid clothes , the harrofs sale id now on & you may pickup some bargains .


eid garments matched with children garments if wished .
food preparations
 facials in advance ,
presents wrapped
mitya , asian sweets , its traditional.

If you saw the moon yesterday  it would have been chand raat for you yesterday & eid would be for you today .

If you see the moon today , it would be chand raat for you today & you will celebrate eid tomorrow .

It can defer from country to country , internationally where the chand is sighted which determines which day eid is celebrated .

If you had your garments custom made you would have had this in advance & these would be ready now.



www .radleylondon .com

Information to be updated .

I do love a good bargain , but I am seriously considering returning this bag , its not something I would use .

It was about £40.00 would have been £44 with delivery costs ,

In todays times , we have more disposable income than ever before , but people will tell you
they are still poor .

I would have to disagree & when all people can say sister help us ,  always complaining they never have enough , always making derogative comments , is it a wonder the world is in the mess its in today .

People havent really progressed .

Our parents were much wiser & much more careful whom they let into their homes , hopefully the next generation will be wiser still .

No its not me , its on sale at tkmax & I returned it. I do like the radley london bags & will probably get one of their other bags later.

Friday, 23 June 2017


they want us to regret being muslims , they want us to forget there is real god , just look at what they did to palestine . what did palestine ever do to anyone. just got blamed for your idot friend . probably still crying , but if you want to be the man then provide , they next door to me steal all my ideas then want me to pretend it was their work , its a really crafty bunch of people .

why you billionares need to live here .

its always a problem for the women when a man gets a woman pregnant , with an unwanted pregnancy . its only a problem for him when she doesnt want to get rid of it & he was already married. so these europens started calling the first wife names when she wouldn't the cleaner with the illigetimate child take everything the wife had worked for .


I am getting ready for business meeting, I am putting my look together with jewellery , meetups for birthdays , or converances .

I couldn't believe it black girls saying he isnt nice , but you been milking him for years , didn't you care then .

If you are thinking of getting involved that city star rubbish , then you can be no brother of mine .

If we lived our lives based on your ignourance we would never had done anything .

I'm sure you know how it is , I took these photos ,at 3am and that the best I could , at 3am invthe morning , like to work round the clock .

Nothibg is done dont try playing at being  god , because none of you are .

If you are looking for the shirt for the business meeting , then don't go for the £9, off the sholder shirt , I went for this zara , for £40.00.

I know there is a lot of jelousy out there , but it shouldn't stop me from my helpful blog site .
It may not be ,what you already understand , but to trust someone with more experience .

Its ftom dedicated collection from zara , ozes quality , well made , well designed , comfortable , lovely fabric for the hot weather & I won't be wearing it with these blue pants .

Sunglasses from house of CB http://www.houseofcb.com/accessories-en-2-3/sunglasses.html

Its not only what your eyes can see , dont be fooled .

What have you got to be jelous about , you had opportunities others didn't , I was there for your first opportunity , its not about dancing with a bunch of slappers , thats no respect for anyone . Come & see how much I helped these poor areas , & come & see what they did with the poor people , they moved them all out & people are even more greedy then they ever before .

Wednesday, 21 June 2017



Clever people always find ways to circulate the clothes they own . Unless you are expecting more posts this is the last .

Unless you have been given daily supplies of garments for medelling , most ladies have to learn to circulate mix & match & mend what they already have .

Overspending is what gives cause to most problems , ...
information to be updated .

Saveup for clothes , for the perfect size .
Better use of basic essentials

Invest in good quality sportswear .

Sponsors before blogging , is probably the better idea .

Personal favourite of mine is bargains at markets.

Monday, 19 June 2017



I love this music , does anyone know where its from ?
We can't always help who we fall in love with, love the accent , so cute .

Its time & time again , one waits for things to surface to ground level , but not all good products do , some are still specific & restricted to certain department stores .

 makeup & tutorial for inspiration for eid makeup tutorial & outfit

##foolthatstayedbehindtohelpeveryone .

laylatul qadr worship plan to maximise last 10 nights .

chand right , the night to see the moon to determine eid . CHAND RAAT, life on this earth is short & kul hona hu , if we can contribute something to mankind before we leave, sunnat .

Everyone pretending to be you , tske inspiration from the chanel & your original eid clothes .

If you are looking for new perfume inspiration for eid , then I found this delictable , irisistable.

essences of coconut & sweetness . If you are looking for something new zara has some lovely. I didn't upload the previous zara perfume link . I have tried to upload the link .

If its non alcoholic fragrances your heart desires , then don't forget SUNA. It was certainly time we didn't have options but now we certainly do.

Its what you make of it , so dont leave your henna designs , mendi till the last minute .

I remember the time , there was almost nothing in terms of islamic , modest dress sense , attire , culture & food , now mashallah we have great positive , footage from our beautiful sisters in the deen , something to aspire too .

It should have been me from the start but I let the beautiful sisters in show you how to dress your scarves ladies .

Hujj not to be missed .  Just talking to you .


I hope to bring another blog for mens eid attire , that should be interesting .

Sunday, 18 June 2017



I am sure if like me you will have certain factors of concern .

I .fresher & cleaner air .
2. school cathment areas.
3. low crime rate areas .
4. better transport links
5. quiter neighbourhood .

Its good for few bargains & if you're not famous , otherwise it can just be bit of ego trip really .

#players , thanks don't call .

theres 8 of them doing her website , & chatting rubbish for the neighbours .



you will find english to arabic translations have changed & it really reinforces the need to learn arabic & get an accurate translation of what you are reading, especially if its what you live your life according to .

Its more difficult to change english to arabic translations that are already in print  in distribution .distribution , but

with the hot weather & problems of the computer overheating , english to arabic translations that are more easily changed , changed depending on current fashions , it really brings forth the emphasised importance of learninh arabic to gain direct information from arabic direct .

It really gives emphasis to the fact that the original translations depending on the writter lack accuracy , with increased experience & more complicated lives , brings incresed importance of followinf accurate information & the need for direct accurate arabic information .

with second translations , or translations , from arabic to any translation depending on the
writter , with show biase & varations in translation & again the importance to learn arabic for direct understanding.

It was for which your chosen language was arabic .

Saturday, 17 June 2017



Its almost impossible to get an impartial opionin on what actually works in terms of skincare ranges .

I have tried out many variations of skincare ranges on blog as you will recall & request you take them into consideration , depending on your skincare requirements .

It is always important to check the ingredients of the skincare treatments these days & to ensure what your skincare needs are provided for .

Nobody really knows whats going on but everyone likes to speculate. Its numerous companies that will make miracle claims of miracle results of skincare ranges that work miracles , but its not till you have tried the skincare range over long periods of time that you
can vouch for its results .

But before you can even start to vouch for the results of the cream, you will have to find the skincare range that is suitable for your skin .

I looked out of the window & heard a child's voice & it sounded like someone I knew but I didn't see anyone to match the description I knew & dropped the vit c lotion . Its one of the few skincare ranges which actually produces the vit c lotion to be applied before you apply your moisturiser .

I will show you one as soon as I have one availible to be shown , its packaged in the same style & is compact & sleek as the other bottles in the range .


SUNNA Its that time of the year again , fasting has come to an end & eid celebrations comenced. I wonder who enjoyed the celebrat...